The Art of Watch Pieces

Houshang Foroutan, originally from Tabriz IRAN, is a dynamic artist specializing in graphics and sculpture. Houshang received his BA degree in public management. He worked on multiple big projects including designing and manufacturing the Iranian youth cinema festival statues in 1993. He also designed and manufactured Namaz festival statues for Fajr Festival and he worked as an advertising consultant and designer of HIVA design in Iran.

Always drawn to art, Houshang developed a unique artistic style utilizing the medium of collage and specific layering techniques. He enjoys the process of putting together the little pieces of hand watch or a clock and creating a piece of art. He is known to be the first artist who started using this technique to make his art pieces. 

He started working on his collages in 1988 and has had multiple exhibition shows across the world such as in Iran, Turkey, and the USA. A few of his watch collages are in a permanent collection of the Time Museum in Tehran. 

Shows in Turkey / 1988, Laleh Gallery / 1988
Maral Gallery / 1998, Lazarian Private Gallery / 1999,  USA (Portland- San Diego- Seattle) in 2013 and 2014, Ebne sina gallery / 2015
Tooba Gallery /2015, Unique Art Gallery / 2015-2016

Watch Houshang Foroutan’s Interview 

Watch Collage is made with old, useless watch pieces giving them a new life and meaning. Houshang has been collecting and purchasing old and used watches to de-assemble for a new purpose.

Houshang Foroutan spent his whole life designing and creating art pieces. He has spent his retirement days creating more watch collages. His last pieces remain in the family collection. 

Update: Unfortunately, after an incident stroke, Mr. Foroutan has not been able to move his hands to make new pieces. Watch collage pieces are no longer for sale. To support this amazing art and artist, the prints of his work will soon be available to purchase through this website. 


Houshang was invited to a number of TV shows to talk about his work and also was featured in a few magazines and newspapers in Iran and Turkey.

Houshang Foroutan also created pieces by reusing everyday objects such as spoons, phones, lighters, etc. He has a collection of motorbikes using this technique one of which won the first prize in the Carlsbad Art League in California. 

Farzaneh Family Foundation in Oklahoma City purchased one of Foroutan’s motorbikes and donated it to Oklahoma University to add to their permanent collection of arts. 

Ghazal Foroutan, Houshang’s daughter showed interest in art from a very young age. She also followed her father’s footsteps in collaging with watch pieces. She was able to win the 13th Khawrizmi Youth Awards in 2012 for Illustration. Her work alongside Houshang’s received tremendous appraisal by the media. Magazines, newspapers, and a number of TV shows invited Ghazal and Houshang to discuss this new technique and the innovation of using watch pieces to create art.

Ghazal used Watch Collage to create a stop motion for her BFA thesis final submission.

Update: Ghazal Foroutan studied graphic design and graduated with her MFA from Oklahoma State University. She is currently an educator and designer living in the United States. Find more of her work here.

This specific technique and all of Foroutan’s art pieces have been officially registered and they hold the copyright to all pieces. Any duplications or copies without permission can be followed up by legal authorities. 

Tuesday April 11 2023